I think we have this idea that Jannah is where things end…but it’s where things begin. We are just in the trailer and the film…

-Break dance with all the Prophets.
-Myself, Ibrahim alayhi salam, and all the little kids that are with him, would go around pulling pranks on everyone in Jannah
-Talk to all those people that Muslims called “deviant!” who got into Jannah and ask them, “so, like what happened, man?”
-Bungee jump from the seventh heaven to the first
-Find out the truth about aliens, Mayan calendars, freemasons and all that craziness
-Read every book in existence and then write many, many more
-Have my own theme song
-Shoot my own Bollywood film and be my own cheesy hero
-Sleep upside down
-Surf a black hole
-Have my own version of the Deen Show
-Ride a T-rex
-Learn all the languages of the world, especially Aramaic…

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