Iddit for women


Q: What is the iddit for older woman?


A: In the case of talaaq, the ‘iddat of a women who experiences haidh is the passing of three haidh.

In the case of the husband passing away, the ‘iddat of a woman experiencing haidh will be four months and ten days .

This law applies in the case where the husband passes away on the first of the lunar month. If he passes away during the month (i.e. on the second day of the month or any time thereafter), the ‘iddat will be one hundred and thirty days.

If the wife is pregnant, the iddat will be upon the delivery of the child in both cases (talaaq or husband passing away).

The ‘iddat of a women who does not experience haidh (e.g. an old woman experiencing menopause) is the passing of three lunar months in the…

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