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She is the mother of mankind. She is created from one of Adam’s ribs. Allah the Almighty says,

(He created you (all) from a single person: then created of like nature, his mate) (Az-Zumar: 6)

It was after Adam had been created the angels were asked to prostrate to him, for by Allah’s grace,his status had actually been raised higher. All of angels prostrated save Iblis (Satan) who in turn wasexpelled from the Garden owing to his rebelliousness. Adam and his wife, Hawwa’ were placed inGarden of comfort and bless, but it was Allah’s plan to give him a limited faculty of choice. All thatwas forbidden to do was to approach the Tree, but he succumbed to Satan’ s suggestions.

Adam and Hawwa’ were innocent in matters material as well as spiritual. They knew no evil. But the faculty of choice, which was given to them and which raised…

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