Bismillaah hirrahmaan nirraheem


“Assalatu wassalamu ‘alayka Ya Rasulallah”


If you are in trouble and in need of Almighty Allaah Subhanahu Wata Ala’s help. We will InshaAllaah make dua for you.

Please do not hesitate to tell us your problems and issues so that we can make dua for you better. We will present Durood-e-Pak and Offer a Niyaaz in the Shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Rahmatullaah Alayhi or Ghareeb Nawaz in Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan, India.

Also in the shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin Chishty Rahmatullaah Alayhi, the elder son of Ghareeb Nawaz, in Sarwaar Sharif, Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan, India.


InshaAllah with the Karam of Almighty Allaah Allaah Subhanahu Wata Ala and dua of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallahu Alayhi Wa Alehi Wasallam and all the WaliAllaah your problems and issues will be resolved.

Just be patient and calm, keep offering five times namaz.


May Allaah Subhanahu Wata Ala forgives our sins and accept our prayers.

Ameen Ya Rabbul A’lameen.

JazaakAllaahu Khayran!

(May God recompense you with good).

Al-Imran Raza